Personnel certification bodies

Mongolian National Authority for Accreditation (MNAS) offers an internationally recognized accreditation program for the certification of persons.

MNAS accreditation program for bodies performing the certification of persons provides services for many professional and trade persons, such as auditors, welders and doctors. Certification bodies assess an individual’s skills and ensure that the skills match the requirements of the work being performed.

As of today, there is an organization that working non-destructive testing, personnel certification body accredited by MNAS. We will continue to support organizations that wish to become personnel certification bodies.

MNAS accreditation evaluates and publicly identifies the credibility, impartiality and technical competence of an organization's certification services.

Scope of accreditation

The scope of accreditation defines the activities covered by an organization’s accreditation. MNAS is preparing for the accreditation of the following personnel certification bodies:

  • Mongolian Registered Safety Professional
  • Environmental Auditors and Environmental Site Assessors
  • Environmental Lead Auditors, GHG Verifiers and Quantifiers