About MNAS

Mongolian National Authority for Accreditation (MNAS), the Accreditation body shall operate under the member of the government in charge of the accreditation of conformity assessment.

The main activity of the MNAS is to organize the implementation of the legislation on standardization, technical regulation, accreditation of conformity assessment, and international treaties to which Mongolia is a party. It aims to support the definition and implementation of government policies and guidelines in the field of accreditation, to facilitate trade, to increase consumer confidence in products, and to create conditions for international, regional, and national recognition of conformity assessment results.

Mongolian National Authority for Accreditation (MNAS) has established a management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17011:2017 and operates in accordance with customer needs and the requirements of laws, regulations and relevant international standards. MNAS accredits conformity assessment bodies, such as testing laboratories and product certification bodies, to internationally recognized standards. Conformity assessment is the practice of determining whether a product, service or system meets the requirements of a particular standard.

We also issue a “Statement of Impartiality” stating that we will not engage in activities that are unfair to the accreditation process, and that we will conduct our activities in an objective and fair manner. The statement is open to the public.

MNAS is a member of a number of organizations that have mutual recognition agreements in place to assist with international acceptance of conformity assessment results. These agreements are part of greater efforts to form a global accreditation system, consistent with the goal of “one standard, one test — accepted everywhere.”