Accreditation Technical Committees

There are 10 Technical committees, consisting of 70 leading experts of their fields, operates beside the Accreditation.

These technical committees are responsible for setting accreditation criteria and evaluating whether the conformity assessment body meets the accreditation requirements and criteria, and the members of the technical committees are formed with equal participation of interested party.

The members of the Committee shall have theoretical knowledge and experience in the field and shall not represent the interests of any organization or individual.

Rules of Procedure of the Accreditation Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for Accreditation is responsible for the

  • Law on Standardization, Technical regulation and Accreditation of Conformity assessment
  • Law on Consumer Protection and other laws
  • MNS ISO / IEC 17011:2018 Conformity assessment. Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies
  • MNAS P701 Accreditation Procedure
  • MNAS P401 Rules of Procedure of the Technical Committee

Click here to read the "Rules of Procedure of the Technical Committee" (MNAS P401).

All members of the Technical Committee shall sign the “Statement of Impartiality and Confidentiality” accordance with MNAS P 402 F01.