Become an Assessor

The reputation of an accreditation body depends largely on the ability of the accreditation expert to assess whether the conformity assessment body's competence meets the relevant accreditation criteria.

The MNAS selects part-time accreditation assessor from scientific and accredited conformity assessment organizations. The assessor works on a contract basis in the accreditation team.

According to Article 22 of the Law on Standardization, Technical Regulation and Accreditation of Conformity Assessment, Assessor shall meet the following requirements:

  • to be recognized as assessor and appointed as such by the MNAS
  • not be in a conflict of interest with the applicant organization for the accreditation.

If you have professional skills and experience in the type of conformity assessment required by the MNAS and would like to work as an Assessor, click here.

By working as an assessor at the MNAS, you will have the following opportunities:
  • Develop yourself in professional skills and communication skill
  • Share knowledge with conformity assessment staff and contribute to the development of the country
  • If you work for a conformity assessment body, it will be easier for your organization to meet the accreditation criteria on a regular basis
  • Training in conformity assessment, etc.

Prior to filling out for "Application for Accreditation Assessor", a basic understanding of the conformity assessment body`s international and national accreditation schemes, accreditation system, procedures and activities should be obtained from

We will respond to your request within 22 working days in accordance with the staff competency management procedures for the accreditation process.

Click here to read the “Assessor and Technical expert`s Development Program”.