Proficiency Testing Program

Benefits for Laboratories participating in Proficiency Testing Programs

While some laboratories may view participation in proficiency testing (PT) programs as a necessity to satisfy accreditation bodies, they could be overlooking the more fundamental benefits that can be achieved by taking part in well-designed PT programs. Clearly, laboratories are the major stakeholders in PT program participation, but there may be other stakeholders, who also have a major interest in such programs and in the performance of laboratories involved.

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Benefits of participation

The following are some of the potential benefits which may be available to participating laboratories:

  • Confirming competent performance
  • Identifying testing or measurement problems
  • Comparing methods and procedures
  • Improving performance
  • Educating staff
  • Instilling confidence in staff, management and external users of laboratory services
  • Comparing operator capabilities
  • Generating reference materials
  • Determining method precision and accuracy
  • Satisfying regulators and accreditation bodies
  • Providing laboratories with additional risk management

While not all of the above will be relevant for individual PT programs, some of the above benefits will be ongoing benefits available to participants from program to program.

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Accredited Proficiency Testing Laboratories by MNAS

As of today, there are two accredited Proficiency Testing Laboratories in Mongolia.

  • Central Geological Laboratory
  • National Reference Laboratory for Food Safety   MNAS will continue to support organizations that wish to become Proficiency Testing Laboratories.
Plan of Proficiency Testing Program

Information about the organized Proficiency Testing Program.